Finally we are in May, time for the sun to heat our gardens, our trees, our flowers and our farm Beatilla. What better way to pay homage to the spring next to Bosco Fontana di Mantova, if not helping to bloom colors ??Our garden is calling us, a great awakening with homemade cakes from Bea, her jams and fresh milk, espresso and a good way outdoors.We thought to color our nature that every day receives many guests in our fable Beatilla license plate.The colors of today will be the yellow daisies, white and fuchsia caroline of geranium.The yellow gives us warmth, the white makes us breathe the fresh air of our plants during the hottest days and fuchsia is the favorite color of the Bea … inevitable! We prepare the ground to welcome the bulbs ready to bloom, to enjoy each day the taste of the color of spring. Read a book in the garden, sit close to the colors, breathe the nature and the energy of daisies. Let’s take a break and drink coffee caressing fuchsia our peaceful corner. Rilassiamoci after a long walk in the woods in the cool of the white petals of our caroline. Switch to Beatilla as agriturismo mantova if you feel the need to awaken the pleasures of a day immersed in the peace of the spring, it takes little to remember the simple gestures of peace. It’s a perfect location if you are looking for Glamping in Italy. Our garden fairy is waiting to be able to cuddle.